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School Policies

Discipline Plan

Potrero Heights Elementary School is required by law to make a plan for school wide discipline and to review it regularly with students and parents. We are delighted to announce that we have developed a new cafeteria and playground discipline plan for which we would like to request your cooperation and involvement. Each classroom teacher has a written discipline plan that students follow inside the classroom on a daily basis.
Our cafeteria and playground plan involves six basic desirable behaviors for everyone. These behaviors will apply at all times including going to and coming from school. These six behaviors include:
  • Be respectful.
  • Be responsible.
  • Be safe.
  • Be honest.
  • Be on time.
  • Be polite in words and actions.
We are committed school wide to providing opportunities for children to engage in meaningful and enjoyable experiences. There are specific behaviors that are required if this is to happen: These specific behaviors are:
1. Use inside voices.
2. Stay in your seat until finished.
3. Clean your area before you leave.
4. Be respectful of the food you have by trying to eat at least half.
5. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
6. Follow the directions of adults.
1. Walk from place to place.
2. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
3. Follow the directions of adults.
4. Solve problems with words by:
a. Asking the person to STOP the behavior.
b. Talking about the problem.
c. Walking away.
d. Ask an adult for help.
Children who consistently have difficulty exhibiting desirable behavior will experience the following sequence of interventions:
Short time out on the bench.
Teacher/Student Conference
*Teacher/Student/Parent Conference
*Principal/Teacher/Student Conference
*Principal/Teacher/Parent/Student Conference
Parents are a vital part of this program. The success of the program is dependent upon their assistance and continued support.
We believe intolerable behavior requires immediate action. The following intolerable behaviors may require suspension or recommendation to the Board of Education for expulsion:
Unsafe behavior (i.e. violent physical contact which could injure others or self)
Possession of weapons or replicas
Intentional destruction of property (i.e. tagging, malicious breakage of costly items)
(* = Appropriate consequences will be arranged on a case by case basis.)
We prefer to emphasize positive rather than negative behaviors. We created an incentive program that will provide special activities to all students who exhibit desirable behaviors in the cafeteria and on the playground on a monthly basis.
We encourage you to emphasize Potrero Heights desirable behaviors at home. We thank you for your continued assistance. With your support, there will be a bright future for all of us!

Homework Policy

In an effort to provide an education that will meet the needs of the students, it is the policy of the staff to have directed homework beyond the regular school day. Parents are encouraged to turn off the television and prevent other distractions while the children do their homework. Parents are also asked to provide a quiet place for study.
Definition: Homework is defined as those tasks which are assigned to students by teachers that are to be carried out during non-school hours.

Purpose: Homework is designed to fulfill various objectives, some of which are outlined below.
Homework will be utilized.
  • to help foster responsibility in each student,
  • to serve as an extension and reinforcement of concepts taught,
  • to enhance creativity and develop higher level thinking skills,
  • to further parent involvement in the instructional program, and
  • to bring about the awareness that learning can also take place outside the school environment.
Description: Homework is described as those tasks which need not necessarily be pencil and paper assignments. Students may be asked to make observations, estimations, collect nature samples, newspaper clippings, read silently or aloud, and/or prepare various projects. Assignments should be lengthy enough to be worthwhile, yet not so long as to be a burden.
Modes of Feedback: Homework will be monitored on a regular basis. Students will be made aware of the rewards and consequences of completing or not fulfilling assignments. Students' work will be evaluated by various means i.e., teacher, instructional aides, and/or peers.
Time Recommendations: Students, on the average, will receive a minimum of four nights of homework per week.

Uniform Policy

All students are expected to wear clothing that is safe, clean and appropriate to a school environment. Students violating the dress code will be asked to change into acceptable clothing. This may mean that they will need to be sent home upon parent notification .
The following rules of dress apply to all students attending POTRERO HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL :
  1. No baggy or oversized pants . No hems that are taped, stapled or slit. All pants must be sewn at the bottom and must fit properly. Pants must not extend more than four (4) inches from the thigh. Pants must fit at the waist when worn with a belt. Pant leg bottoms may not touch the ground. Belts must be an appropriate length.
  2. No tube tops or other tops that expose bare midriffs . Bare stomachs are not appropriate for school. No skin may be exposed at the midriff. Straps on blouses must measure at least 1-1/2 inches wide. No "spaghetti" straps.
  3. No low cut blouses.
  4. No unhemmed, cut-off shorts or torn jeans. Shorts must be an appropriate length. No baggy or extra long shorts with high socks.
  5. No "gang" style clothing or accessories such as chains, bandanas, hairnets or gang belts.
  6. No clothing that has profanity, obscene, sexual or vulgar ideas, or that promotes foreign substances such as drugs, alcohol or tobacco, or has graphics tat may be offensive to others.
  7. No dark glasses unless they are medically prescribed.
  8. No hats, baseball caps, bandanas, hairnets or other headgear. Hoods may be worn only during rainy weather.
  9. No hair that is dyed or sprayed in a color that is unnatural, such as blue, green, orange, purple, red, etc.)
  10. No booties, thongs, flip-flops or any shoe or sandal that does not have a back or back strap. No thick-soled shoes. This is an important safety issue.